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Any room décor is incomplete without wall art. Buy Professional Artists Canvas Online and adorn your walls to give them a personality, to draw attention to certain areas of the room, or just to create creative spaces. The most essential thing is to know how to find an appealing piece of art for your bedroom. Wall art may provide a complete touch to the bedroom, it can add originality to a design, but the most important thing is to know how to find an attractive piece of art for your bedroom.

Choosing a canvas is a good option for wall art in this situation. Canvas wall art has grown increasingly popular in recent years, and more people are considering and purchasing beautiful canvases for their homes. Here you’ll find Photo Pro Boca’s professional artist’s collection of art that you’ll surely consider to decorate your home.


Cynthia K. Reid

Cynthia Reid grew up in Blauvelt, New York, a tiny hamlet 20 miles north of New York City, where she spent most of her youth. Reid has been a watercolorist for the past 30 years. She has shown her art in several group exhibits, juried shows, and twelve solo exhibitions in Texas, New York, and Mexico.

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Her early paintings concentrated on ancient buildings and architectural features, but her work as a Texas Master Gardener and a nature enthusiast has deepened her connection to the environment and impacted her most recent works. Trees and bodies of water are favorite subjects, with the difficulty of capturing movement and reflection. Collectors from all around the world possess her works.


Travis Owens

Travis Owens is a self-taught painter. According to him, he focuses on creating a sense of warmth and brightness in his work with a touch of surrealism influenced by his Hoosier origins and travels worldwide.

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“I was always connected to nature growing up in Seymour,” he added. “Camping at Vallonia Lake (Starve Hollow Lake) or in the Hoosier National Forest gave me a lot of ideas.


Paul Anslow

Paul Anslow spent almost thirty years teaching art at Conroe ISD’s high schools. He also received two more degrees at SHSU: a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Science in Education. Because he was self-taught, he ignored other forms of art for a time while attempting to perfect his style.

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Paul Anslow said, “When I’m producing, I try to stay out of the way, allowing the unconscious, the dream-maker, to take over as I leave logic and rationale aside. I’ve always been interested in how abstract art allows the mind to create its meaning in the abstracted.”


Vincent Lacroix

Vincent Lacroix is a painter from Paris who works at the intersection of the “surrealist,” “expressionist,” and “pop art” styles. He is known as Expressionist in spirit because his inner anguish is transformed into a destructive existential and social message, but a sense of humor occasionally shows in the finished piece.

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His pop art draws vitality and brightness from contemporary popular arts (comic strips, street art, 3D cartoons) through colors, volumes, and lines that have vanished from the elitist and dried-up production of a huge number of “modern art” fanatics.



Matthew carr is from South Eastern West Virginia and currently lives in Roanoke, Virginia. He didn’t start creating artwork until the age of five. He had previously spent ten years working for a coal firm and another five years working in construction with his father. Matthew’s mother knew how much I liked watching Bob Ross on the local PBS station, so she gave me a Bob Ross painting kit for Christmas in 2016.

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He was immediately enthralled by the prospect of making cheerful trees and snow-capped mountains. Shortly after, he also began experimenting with figurative painting. At that time, he realized that each picture might tell a different narrative, making each work unique. To add drama to his art, Matthew now uses elements such as rain, dust, splashing water, and concentrating light. He said, “I want to draw the viewer’s attention from across the gallery by capturing their gaze.”


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